Personal Account

Of course. Digitalia allows you to create your own lists, so you can save the contents you are interested in.

From your account, or from the top drop-down menu, you can access to “My lists”.

There, you can create a “New list”, name it and even add a little description.

To add content to this list, browse or search the catalog to look for the documents you are interested in, and select them by checking the box situated over the title. Please make sure you have selected the correct list.

When your institution has access to Digitalia website, your personal account will be useful for you to:

  • Make selections of titles
  • Save lists of selected titles and assign names to those lists
  • Save the notes and bookmarks that you add to the books
  • Remember the last page you read in the books that you have previously accessed to
  • Access your browsing and loaning history
  • Download ebooks using Adobe DRM, having offline access to the ebooks (if your institution has subscribed to this service)

Digitalia offers multiuser access within the library campus and very broad permissions to download ebooks within the IP Campus that has access.

Interlibray loans (ILL) are available only between institutions with license agreement with Digitalia. An institution without the license signed, would not have the legal necessary framework to use our ebooks.