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Arvensa Editions

Complete works of literature and philosophy in French

Casa de Velázquez

Casa de Velázquez is at once a centre for artistic creation and a research centre

Conseil supérieur de la recherche scientifique

History, art, literary studies, science, politics, philosophy, archeology.

Corsaire Éditions

CORSAIRE ÉDITIONS covers all genres, from literary fiction to non-fiction.

Ediciones Uniandes

Publishing house of Universidad de los Andes

Éditions Cacciani

Publishing house specialized in the Mesoamerican world.

Éditions Dykinson

Law, Economics and Business, Humanities, Education and Psychology.

Editions Imago

Reference works - facts of society, ethnology, history, psychoanalysis, literary criticism.

Editions la Bibliothèque Digitale

The works of universal authors in digital version.

Éditions Octaedro

Specialized in books on education, both for the development of teachers and students.

Éditions Paradigme

Editions of texts, essays, synthesis studies. A major part of its cataloge is devoted to medieval literature.

Éditions Universidad de Deusto

Interdisciplinary studies with dissemination, and specialized research in Humanities.

Éditions Universidad de Salamanca

Publications that contribute to the development of science, technology, culture and education.

Pavillon Noir

Thrillers, black crime novels and historical police stories.

Regain de lecture

Publications dedicated to literature and human sciences.