Syntaxe Comparative Français-Anglais

Syntaxe Comparative Français-Anglais

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Author: Ambrose, Jeanne
Publisher :
isbn: 0916379426
Year: 1987
Pages: 123
Language: French


Written in French, this book provides an analysis of parts of French syntax from the point of view of tra sformational linguistics. The book is based on recent research in that field. This method gives new insight into traditional matters and treats several topics which have never been discussed in traditional grammars. This book is aimed at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level and should be read by all teachers of the French language. The text is accompanied by exercises which involve the application of the theory. "Cet ouvrage a le mérite de donner un aperçu très clair de la version actuelle de la théorie transformationnelle et de son application au domaine contrastif. Les enseignants apprécieront également les nombreux exercices contenus dans l'ouvrage." -Sylviane Granger, Centre d'Études Anglaises U. C. L., Cahiers de l'lnstitut de Linguistique de Louvaine.